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The #1 mistake you make in sales

The #1 mistake you make in sales

A week ago I had an appointment for a product I thought could help my business. The company has a good clientele and I was almost convinced to buy the product as its price was within my budget.

As I got on the call, it didn’t take long until I found myself led through a demo. When the demo ended, I’d gotten off the phone thinking the product wasn’t for us and I should keep looking.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED ? We started the call with “YES” and some how ended up at “MAYBE”.

The sales person committed the #1 sales mistake: They pitched their solution without knowing exactly what my needs were and without showing me the value of the solution he was proposing.

Before you pitch your solution, benefits and features – you must figure out the exact problem you’re solving in the first place. You need to ask about your clients’ pain points first and what their expectations are with your product. There are two benefit of this;

It will give an edge to present a solution which exactly matches their needs which can help you to hide the features that are irrelevant for them.
It gives you an idea how important it is for them; this will help you sell the product at a good cost.
Have you ever faced such a situation where you start selling without knowing what customers want?

Have you ever been in a demo where someone starts selling without knowing your expectations?

If yes… Let me know how it went and how you FIXED IT?

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5 Sales Training Topics to Automate Sales Performance

Does the consistent delivery of Sales training topics will help sales performance?

Optimizing sales performance requires training with an edge. Addressing the right issues at the right time can leverage the performance of the entire sales time which can in turn bring a robust growth in the success graph of the company.

Training the sales team is of critical importance, because it is essentially this workforce that brings the real customers and the real bucks to the business. When you coach with the right attitude and target the key problems, success and growth automatically follow.

Wondering how you can excel in sales training to improve and automate sales performance? The following five topics demand your immediate attention! Focus on these key areas to bring an instant lift to your team’s performance.


Planning, Discovery and Sales Management

The most critical and important of all sales training topics, teaching sales reps how to plan, execute and discover profitable sales opportunities deserves special attention and consideration. Most sales training programs fail in the first place because while reps are trained how to bring in customers, they don’t know how to manage their growing responsibilities, discover new opportunities and plan for prospect goals.

Thus, it is important to train, motivate and encourage each sales rep to perform up to their full potential and drive them to achieve automated sales performance.


Popular sales training topics for this genre include

– Uncovering the needs and wants of the customer.
– How to understand the buyer mindset.
– Managing positive and negative feedback.


Lead Generation and Networking also as sales training topics

Today, there are more and more advanced mediums available to rake in sales and increase brand recognition and customer engagement. Training sales representatives on how to use these sales mediums to improve networking can be highly beneficial and can automate sales performance and customer retention to a large extent.


Popular sales training topics for this genre include

– Networking and referrals.
– Maximizing the use of technology in sales management.
– Creative selling skills.


Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is one of the most important abilities of a sales rep. A lot of people think that the quality is inborn, but with the right training and insight, any sales rep can negotiate with customers effectively and drive the company’s sales target to new heights. When training about negotiation, it is important to focus on the additional factors too which facilitate effective negotiation and help the sales reps connect to the customers on a more personal and relatable level.


Popular sales training topics for this genre include

– Negotiating and its relation to customer engagement.
– Winning over clients with presentations and communications.
– How to handle objections.


Customer Support Skills

The difference between an order taker and a sales person is the way they interact and communicate with the customers. Selling in the right way to the right people with the right approach is the main factor that will channel success and growth to your company. Building strong customer dealing skills is one of the most important sales training topics out there because it converts a customer to a loyal customer. Coaching sales rep on how to talk about the company and the products and how to sell a service instantly automates sales performance and results in positive results down the road.


Popular sales training topics for this genre include

– After sales services.
– Get more from a sale with a good closing.
– Increasing credibility in the eyes of the customer.


Communication and Relationship Building

Closing any sale on a positive note opens doors to multiple opportunities in the future. Not only does it result in customer loyalty, but also positive word of mouth for the organization in general; which can bring in more sales and more business in the the answer is a regular and continuous sales training topics to select based on the on time needs of the sales force.

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4 Sales training Tips that support your sales force goals

Companies need to compete hard today for their chunk of business, forcing them to think out of the box and come up with new strategies to jack up sales.

After a period, you need to go into a huddle, take stock of the situation and devise ways to tide over the challenges that have cropped up. When you do that, you survive and grow. When you don’t, you take the dip.

More often, roping in professional sales trainers does benefit. They may look at things with different perspective, bringing in fresh approach. Analyzing things without prejudice, they may be able to advise your sales team on their shortcomings, helping them to hone up their skills and adjust themselves to the new challenges.


Training Strategy

Seasoned trainers come up with a laser-focused sales training program on the step-by-step actions required to take sales to the next level. You may have put up a system to motivate your team to work hard, but motivation can go only that far on its own. For tangible results, it needs to be accompanied by a powerful, well thought out strategy. A sales training module will provide your managers with the input they need to reorganize themselves.


Identify specific Requirements

For any sales training to be really effective, it must be customized to the sales team’s specific requirements. Generic training content won’t be that useful as it may not always apply to your company’s products or services. You need to get the training module designed in a manner so that it brings most value for your investment.


Goal Oriented Sales Training

Sales training programs must trigger positive action, helping the team attain not just their short term but long term goals as well. These must help the participants with the capacity to plan efficiently to meet their sales objectives.

Training for sales managers would teach them how they can take proactive approach and guide their team to success. To get work done, you need to show a sense of urgency to your sales force. You have to push them to work fast and maintain tempo. If they are finding it hard close the leads, you need to show them the way.


Coaching Structure

A supportive coaching structure does help in attaining long-term sales training benefits. However, you need to make sure that coaching is an active, ongoing activity and not something that is done occasionally. Regular training does help in keeping the things on rail, ensuring team efficiency and cohesiveness. Based on the actions of the team, you are able to draw out new processes.

Getting sales people undergo sales training on regular, frequent basis helps improve their confidence and selling power. Moreover you also need to keep in mind that sales is not a one-size-fits-all program. A training module needs to be developed factoring in the team’s strengths, weakness and the challenges. After all, the objective of sales training is to overcome the impediments.


In House option

Usually, in-house sales training courses ( should be held more than once a year. Markets change fast so it does help to arrange training sessions to help sales professionals perform to their potential.


Resource Box

The author of the article is associated with WIN Sales & Marketing Programs, one of the leading sales training companies ( offering programs worldwide.

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Sales Training Course for Salespeople and Sales Managers

If you are searching for a Sales Training Course for Salespeople and Sales Managers

it means you looking to enhance your consultative selling skills. if you don’t have enough time to take a certification that will prove your credentials and increase your income, a sales training course might be the first baby step towards the same goal and help you master your performance. 

The Sales training courses are taken by:

  1.  Salespeople who want to become certified 
  2.  Salespeople who want to  follow some sales courses topics for sales improvement.
  3.  Sales supervisors who want to become sales managers
  4.  Companies who wish to run a sales training course in house and tailor sales courses to their needs.

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The outcome of the sum of multiple sales training courses or a full sales training programs could lead to a certification as:

  1.     “Certified Sales professional”
  2.     or “Certified Professional Sales Management”

Certified sales training course and a sales program consists of a full range of complementary topics with more than 18 sales training course

Key Course Benefits of a sales training course is to

  1.     Identify and acquire the selling skills required to meet those challenges
  2.     Adopt the leading-edge Consultative Selling methodology
  3.     Manage your personal qualities to influence your salespeople and personal success
  4.     Implement a five-step closed-loop system to effectively manage your time…
  5.     Manage sales people
  6.     Follow up performance

Without understanding why employers select you or like your sales performance,it is almost impossible for salespeople to move forward with their career. A good sales training course, which is clearly linked to improve your sales knowledge, will encourage your clients and employer value more your value and potential .

more info...

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Does a sales training course pays ?

Investment in a sales training course is something which pays.

Today career in sales has grown leaps and bounds and has offered immense opportunities for salespeople who cherish ambitions to makes it a big in their chosen career. Career in sales is something you can expect a big cash and promising life ahead. However, this is not as easy provided cut-throat and highly fluctuating market dimensions.


What is Special About Sales Training Course?

Sales training courses are efficiently created to ensure that skills, techniques, aptitude and knowledge of you sales professionals are attuned towards meeting ever changing market needs. With the newer entrants entering in the game of market launching newer products and services quite frequently, until you train your sales people effectively, you will not acquire necessary edge over your peers. This is what a sales training course makes your sales people ready for.

Flexible sales training course allows fresher as well as experienced sales professionals to acquire and improve their sales skills and performance as well.


Two Vital Skills That a Sales Training Course Equips You With


Time Management

Effective time management is about many factors including prioritizing the tasks, interruptions management, avoiding procrastinations etc. But the most important thing in time management is the “Plan of Action”. The plan clearly stipulates the time frame for achieving a target on daily, weekly or monthly basis. 80/20 rule holds special prominence here that says 80% of the tasks your ‘to do list’ would deliver 20% of the results and 20% tasks would deliver 80% of results. A good sales training course will guide you on techniques and skills to manage time effectively.


Effective Delegation

Effective sales training program teaches you the art of delegating task to your team or specific set of professionals. Deleting a task entails you to identify the task which is to be delegated, explain the project to team or individual followed by organizing and controlling the task.


After undergoing a sales training course you will be able to:


– Understand significance of effective sales practices, processes and cycle
– Build strong credibility meaning ability plus trust
– Recognize value of first 30 seconds in a sales pitch
– Qualify leads at every step of sale
– Explore difference between top and low performers
– Set and achieve sales targets on your own
– Overcome rejection challenges
– Building long-lasting rapport with your clients
– Close sales deals easily and
– Closer to your dreams


How Sales Training Course is delivered?

The courses are delivered using advanced technologies though both online training as well as offline modes. The learners are trained through presentations, exercises, workshops, role-plays and real life situations.

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4 Sales training Tips that support your sales force goals
Does a sales training course pays ?