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Sales Training

Our Sales Training Programs are designed for Sales Team, Sales Managers and highly experienced Sales Leaders. These programs focus on changing the complete mindset to make them passionate sellers and powerful influencers. The programs focus on the ‘Inner’ mindset and the ‘Outer’ skill integrated beautifully to make it a powerful experience

Sales Certification

The Certified Sales Professional program gives a thorough understanding of consultative selling. From business creation to improved time and territory management; goal-setting to prospecting, and everything in between, attendees return to the territory with a renewed enthusiasm for selling. Graduates of this program have the tools to do exactly that.

Sales Trainings


If you want to train a group of 10 or more, we can offer any of the existing seminars in their present format or customize them to your specific needs.

Live Webinars

Easy, flexible and completely customized to suite your own time and pace. Choose from our Live Face to Face Webinars with Certified Trainers

Blended 24/7

WIN Sales and Marketing Programs delivers customized on-site classroom trainings, sales training webinars and/or online blended 24/7 sales.