Professional Sales Management Certification

Why do Sales Managers fail?  Because they’re good Salespeople NOT good Sales Managers!  The skill set to be a Sales Manager is vastly different from that of a Seller.  A Seller sells, a Sales Manager increases the team’s overall performance to achieve the goals set by their company.

After a Sales Management assessment of over 500,000 individuals in the role, 55% of them would like to better master their sales management process to be sure they are performing at peak levels.


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Whether you are directly involved in planning market strategies, acquiring clients, or taking business decisions for the company, the Certified Professional Sales Management training program will improve your performance in these 6 sales managerial areas:

  1. Sales Management style in a Customer centric environment
  2. Leadership in Sales Management
  3. Sales Management realities in a changing corporate environment
  4. Operational tools of Sales Managers
  5. Managing your talent pool

Benefits Of Our Certification

Thousands have taken this program and gained greater confidence, sharper skills and increased revenue as a result.

If you are a Sales Manager new to the role or a star sales person looking to move up, you owe it to yourself to learn more about how to sharpen your skills and move into a better career position.

Key Course Benefits:

  1. Learn how to properly develop territories, forecast revenue and plan Sales Team efforts to maximize Company profitability and Client Success
  2. Implement change management techniques that help your team welcome change instead of fighting it
  3. Enhance team efficiency by applying the Effective Sales Management process
  4. Apply talent management processes to produce a dynamic sales team that will differentiate your organization from your competition
  5. Discover detailed methods to develop a compensation plan, conduct successful interviews, and select top candidates