Consultative Sales Certification

Consultative selling is not for the faint-hearted!  Today’s buyers are more sophisticated and have more knowledge than ever before at their fingertips.  They don’t need sales people, they need Sales Consultants to help them make sense of all the choices available.  By becoming a Certified Sales Consultant, you will learn the skills and processes that will separate you from your peers and propel you into a new class of Salesperson.

You Will Learn:

  • How to progress a deal through the 4 Stages of the Sales Cycle
  • How to close more sales faster
  • How to create value for your buyer today AND tomorrow
  • How to maintain your margin while others discount
  • How to deal with multiple Buyers and Buyer Committees
  • How to handle objections, negotiate from strength and close the deal!

Advantages of being a Certified Consultative Sales Person

WIN Sales & Marketing Programs has graduated hundreds of Certified Consultative Sales People and seen them progress in their careers by landing larger deals and moving on to larger positions.  As a Certified Sales Consultant you will stand apart from your competition and be a true Master of Sales.

Do you want to:

  • Close more deals faster
  • Become a better resource to your Company & to your Clients
  • Earn better commissions
  • Learn about sales opportunities at the client before your competition
  • Gain confidence in yourself and be happier with your own performance at work


Take Control of Your Future & Be The Sales Person You Know You Can Be!