Does Your Business Keep You Awake At Night?

Not growing fast enough, losing business to competitors or showing weak sales performance is frustrating specifically when you have great products and an established business that has been doing well in the past.

The frustration and sleepless nights grows, when your sales force keeps on telling you that you are close to getting the deal but it never closes. Even worse is when you know that you may not close AND there are few deals in the pipeline to rely on to grow your business.

We have carefully watched organizations, helped them grow and reach peak performance. Our learning experience has taught us that losing business or not growing fast enough could be the result of one or more factors .


Growth challenges
Flat or declining sales
New markets, new challenges
Filtering the sales force after a merger or acquisition
Not enough leads in the pipeline
Being out-sold by the competition?
Higher turnover in sales people
Not enough skilled sales candidates
Delays in getting new business ….and more


Delayed closing
Not enough new opportunities
Low conversions ratios
Losing business to the competition
Ineffective sales management
Poor morale
An ineffective Sales Process
Slow or uneven growth
Unable to find the right sales people
Client’s behavior towards buying has changed…has your sales force adjusted? What about your sales process?

Companies always ask,

“Why the market is so tough? & Why is closing clients is taking so much time?”

Instead, they need to ask these questions:

How good is our sales force ?
Is our sales structure adequate to our growth plans?
Do we have an adequate sales process?
Who are the hidden stars in the sales force?
Who can we cut without harming our sales target?
Do we have the right sales people on our Team?
Who is trainable?
Who is coach-able?
Who has no more potential for growth?
Who will likely leave & who will stay working with us?…..
Have the answers to these questions tomorrow by working with WIN!

Are you Growing fast ?

Congratulations – it does sound like you don’t need our help. I’m curious though, most of our clients brought us in to help when they had the exact same conditions as you – they were growing fast. Why do you suppose they did that ?

Are you concerned with any of these issues?

Margin pressure due to discounting for top-line revenue
Scaling your business after a successful incubation period – “Nail it before you scale it” is the saying – can you say you’ve Nailed It?
Your sales team seems to have a revolving door and the cause can’t be pinpointed
Our team will

Identify the reasons behind your lack of great sales performance
Identify your challenges
Come up with the correct solution to fix it.

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