Sales Compensation Design

One of the biggest problems that sales managers and CEO’s face is how to make sure they preserve the operating profit margin while managing the sales representative’s compensation plan.  Balancing the two to keep the team motivated and the Board of Directors satisfied is a delicate task and one of the most critical for any company.  An error to either side may have disastrous consequences.

Given that sales and marketing are the two major forces that drive the growth of a business, a company cannot afford to keep its sales force unhappy and lose sales talent. The sales compensation design and development services offered by WIN Sales & Marketing Training aim at eliminating such problems faced by your company.

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Importance of Planning Sales Compensation

One of the common misconceptions that CEOs have is that there is no need to use any specific tools to design or manage compensation for their sales force. This is a mistake, for incentives are the major source of motivation for a company’s sales force and should be designed to keep the recipients well motivated & working at peak performance.

So sales compensation design is not just something you can invest it. It is something you must invest in. The compensation and the special deals that you offer to your sales reps directly affects their performance, and with it the sales of your company. The sales compensation and incentives you offer to your Reps has a direct impact on the profitability both from a top-line and bottom-line perspective..

Developing Incentive Based Compensation

WIN Sales & Marketing Programs uses state-of-the-art sales compensation planning and management tools to develop optimal sales compensation strategies based on the functional and financial aspects of your business. We use tools like the Compensation Master to not only evaluate the cost of compensation to your company, but also to assess the impact of the revenue generated, the fixed and variable expenses, the number of sales reps in the company, compensation of the sales reps, and sales reps productivity on the profits of the company.

Our sales compensation strategies directly impact the functions of multiple departments in your company.

  • Incentive-based compensation motivates sales reps to perform better, thereby affecting the sales numbers
  • Marketing gets better with greater market penetration, and improved focus of the sales reps.  There may even be more Marketing budget due to higher total revenue
  • Finance – Change in revenue with increase in sales
  • Reduced attrition or better retention in sales force, fair rewards offered across the sales force

All in all, our sales compensation strategies aim at achieving a synergy between different departments of your organization to enhance productivity and bottom line profits.

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