Become Certified in Account Management

Many companies are starting to see the benefits of doing business with a fewer number of customers. The advantages are manifold: Companies get repeat orders, they are able to serve the customer better, there are more opportunities to personalize the product or service and there is a chance to build a long lasting relationship with the customer.

It is very important to know how you can acquire, grow and retain these customers and this is where we can help. Our Certification in sales Account Management  will equip you for the challenges of Key Account Management.

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Not only are key accounts your most important customers, they are also the most vulnerable to poaching by other companies. To lose even one could have a debilitating effect on your company, where as acquiring a new key customer can increase your profitability drastically.

Traditional sales techniques are not conducive to key account management. You need a range of communication, relationship building and business skills to create a strategic approach that will ensure sustained success. Our course will teach you the best practices in key account management to help you maximize opportunities and protect your key accounts from attacks by your competitors.

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