Do You Know How Good Your Sales Force Really Is?

Can our sales force be more effective? How much more effective can we be?  What will it take to accomplish?  How long will it take to accomplish?  

If you find yourself asking these questions, you’re not alone!  At WIN Sales & Marketing Programs, we ask these same questions all the time and deliver answers and results to hundreds of businesses just like yours each year.

Sales Effectiveness And Improvement Analysis

Objective Management Group Awarded the Gold Medal for 8 consecutive years.

Sales Effectiveness Impact Analysis

Every company knows that their life blood is revenue

“Behind every dollar of sales is a person.”  Even in today’s world of online sales, this is still true.  If your sales aren’t what you want them to be, there is likely a problem with the people.  A salesperson’s success relies on their skills, motivation, behaviors and willingness to succeed.  If your bottom line is looking a little weak, you need to identify what’s wrong and fix it FAST! A focused sales centered approach toward sales force evaluation is what you need to consider.

Sales Teams today require a masterful set of competencies in many areas

Today’s business environment has become more challenging and requires many more selling skills to succeed than even 5 years ago. Sales Managers and corporations are often-times, left wondering if their Sales Teams have the relevant skills and ability to succeed.  If the Sales Team had optimal skills & the best motivation, what would that mean for the business and the bottom line?

Our objective is to identify the gaps and turn each one of your salespeople into an optimized selling machine for your company.

How do we do this?

We follow a time tested and results based formula that begins with you and your business.  At the heart of this approach is our Sales Effectiveness Consultant and the deep knowledge and relationship s/he builds with you & your company.  Depending on your situation, we might deploy our Sales Effectiveness Improvement Analysis (SEIA) Tool.

This SEIA Tool identifies all the key areas that help to make a great sales person like: Sales Skills, motivation, desire to succeed, train-ability, ability to grow with the organization and much, much more.

Cost-effective, Flexible solutions. It Works!