Senior Salesperson or sales Manager Hiring

Finding a good salesperson or a sales manager is asking to finding a diamond in the rough; most sales personnel just get by and shining stars are rare. If you own a company, you are your company’s best salesperson. No one can match your belief and passion for your products or services.

It is also possible that you are looking for a star sales performer who shares your company objectives. Our  sales recruitment tool can help you do just that.

To attract, interview and hire a senior sales person or manager you’re spending valuable resources and making a big investment. The process has to be as accurate as possible because the candidate must be able to grow with your company and give your sales a tremendous boost.

Hiring salespeople

Steps in hiring a senior sales manager

The first step in the hiring process is to think carefully about the type of senior sales manager you want and the duties they are to perform. Do you want someone who is a pure sales manager or a person who can sell as well as manage others?  Those skills aren’t necessarily the same.  Do you want an outside or inside senior sales manager?

Compensation is also an important factor. How will you pay your senior sales person or manager; will it be just the salary; salary and commission; commission with an advance or a straight commission?

Performance should be tied to income; if your senior sales person or sales manager is working hard, he should be able to earn a good income. Finally, you should look for a senior sales manager who loves to sell, not just likes to. Believe us, there are people who can become star sales managers. You may need to train them a bit but they exist.

How can we help you?

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