Become a certified Sales Professional

Do you want to improve your selling skills? Do you want to be more confident and gain ‘control’ of conversations when you are speaking to customers? Having trouble with prospecting, negotiating or closing deals?  If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you should consider getting our certification in Professional Sales.  Not only will you be a better seller, you will be able to PROVE that to potential employers.


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Sales professionals face increasingly demanding & knowledgeable buyers. Your buyers will expect you to be informed, capable of showing expertise in your products and industry and anticipating their needs. When you train to become a Certified Sales Professional with us, we will give you the tools to obtain these skills.

Our certification in Professional Sales will increase your knowledge of the process of consultative selling, increase your productivity, energize you and improve your profitability & income potential.  Certified graduates return to their jobs with more confidence and a renewed enthusiasm for sales.

This Program Helps Sales Professionals:

  1. Earn a qualification as a Certified Sales Professional “CSP”
  2. Acquire knowledge, interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, poise and assurance.
  3. Understand how to manage their portfolios to ensure the best customer service to their clients, work in teams, and boost profitability.
  4. Be equipped with the tools to grow fast within their jobs and environment.

BENEFITS of  the “CSP” Sales Certification

  • This program will help you establish yourself as the kind of person any buyer would want as a partner
  • Your experience will be validated by a recognized, international governing Sales Body
  • Your confidence will increase as you lock-in skills that will ensure your sales success
  • As a Certified Sales Professional, you will have a platform for continued career growth

 Performance. Recognition. Results.