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The #1 mistake you make in sales

The #1 mistake you make in sales

A week ago I had an appointment for a product I thought could help my business. The company has a good clientele and I was almost convinced to buy the product as its price was within my budget.

As I got on the call, it didn’t take long until I found myself led through a demo. When the demo ended, I’d gotten off the phone thinking the product wasn’t for us and I should keep looking.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED ? We started the call with “YES” and some how ended up at “MAYBE”.

The sales person committed the #1 sales mistake: They pitched their solution without knowing exactly what my needs were and without showing me the value of the solution he was proposing.

Before you pitch your solution, benefits and features – you must figure out the exact problem you’re solving in the first place. You need to ask about your clients’ pain points first and what their expectations are with your product. There are two benefit of this;

It will give an edge to present a solution which exactly matches their needs which can help you to hide the features that are irrelevant for them.
It gives you an idea how important it is for them; this will help you sell the product at a good cost.
Have you ever faced such a situation where you start selling without knowing what customers want?

Have you ever been in a demo where someone starts selling without knowing your expectations?

If yes… Let me know how it went and how you FIXED IT?

By admin

Online Sales Training Helps Sales Teams Improve Productivity and Revenue

Online sales training is a very crucial process and is mainly targeted at offering unlimited right to use the following:

–   Available assessments
–   All courses
–   Interactive examples
–   Self-paced learning experience
All of these should be very useful to the sales people. You get the chance to be fully equipped with great information in sales by studying these courses thoroughly and going through the training material several times. There is ample time provided and all the systems are at your disposal. You also get a sales self-assessment program to gauge your acquired knowledge and study the questions which have been frequently asked in the past. These questions expose you to an environment of learning what the people need and hence being in a better position to address their needs accurately.


Why Online Sales Training?

Online sales training resources are precisely the best tools to help any sales person to improve their sales productivity and profitability be it for the companies, marketing expertise as well as individual sales personnel. These results can only be achieved once the entire training procedure is comprehensively covered. The learning materials in the training sessions are usually free of charge, especially if you’re doing corporate sales development programs. In addition, there are other courses that are offered which include the following:

–    Management training skills

–    Outstanding sales strategies

–    Implementation or execution
These world-class online sales training which are used are entirely available to the sales persons as well as all the managers everywhere in world. It does not depend on the company locality, proximity or even the size of the company.

Online training training is aimed at improving the professionals’ abilities by giving them the most accommodating approach, ethically right as well as one which is constructive. Selling, as we might agree, is a broad subject. It is because of this reason that online programs have tried to cover:

–     Theories of selling

–     The best methods of selling

–     Sales techniques

–     Negotiations

–     Communication
The expertise selling training is therefore compressed into a summary which is easy to comprehend and the main points are given priority. You can choose to use this information as a personal teaching lead and to develop your business skills or use it for any other reason that may seem necessary and useful to you and your group or you organization.

In conclusion, online sales training is argued to be the best sales learning methods since anyone can easily download learning materials online and read them at your most convenient time. It is the best way to acquire sales skills for either graduate or organizations.

Online Sales Training Helps Sales Teams Improve Productivity and Revenue