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Do you get lots of “maybe” or “I will think about it” after your first call with prospects?

Do you get lots of “maybe” or “I will think about it” after your first call with prospects?

So far, I have posted a lot of content which tells you about general mistakes in a sales call. Today we are going to talk about the situation when you do everything right but still get a “MAYBE” as an answer.

Most people subconsciously avoid decision making after the first conversation. Every sales guru knows and advises that one needs to adjust their conversation to guide the prospect to come to a decision. This can be tricky as salespeople can become very pushy. So the big question is: how do we guide the conversation while still making the prospect feel like they’re in control?

There is a very simple solution for this: set up an agenda before the meeting. It will align you and your prospect on a plan for the meeting and make sure you’re both on the same page and moving forward together toward one of three outcomes:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Figuring out the next steps – Future meeting date & agenda

By following the above process, you are avoiding a limbo stage. The main advantage of this process is that you are saving valuable time on the lead follow-ups. This can feel awkward at first but if you practice it in your next meeting and make it your own, you will start seeing positive results that you’ll want to use again and again. If you have any specific questions or suggestions about the implementation of this process, we are here to help!

By admin

How a Sales certification can lead you to become a CEO?

Acquiring a sales certification is giving competitive edge to each salesperson to become a CEO.

It is the best way to stand out from the crowd of applicants in a room. A sales certification gives you powerful tools to overcome obstacles in understanding psyche of your prospects, learning market dimensions minutely, daring the fear of rejection, listening to people and close deals everyday.


Nick Moreno from the USA national sales center said: Many, but not all, CEOs have excellent sales skills. This is due to the fact that most CEO began their careers in the Sales Department.

Today, CEOs that never worked as salesperson and need to improve their sales skill and all successful salespeople will without a doubt have the potential to become CEO’s.

–  Are you a salesperson?
–  Looking to prove to employers that you are a professional successful and efficient one?
–  You will need then credentials
–  and the most valuable one to your career is applying for a sales professional certification.
sales certification


How a Sales Certification Benefits you?

It helps you acquiring sales education and closing techniques often lacked by typical sales professional. One important factor is that it hones your specialized skills for a particular industry. As different industries require specific selling and convincing skills, professionals salesperson have to be advanced to face any hurdle in their sales closing.


Certification for Newcomers

A newcomer is someone who has just embarked upon challenging but rewarding career of sales. Just like at higher level competition at entry level is also high. Having a sales certificate gets you an extra opportunity to be considered for the position. As compared to that of experienced ones’ newcomers have to take more risks. However, taking risks without proper knowledge and strategy can be fatal; on the other hand it can bear astounding fruits when you are equipped with a proper sales certification and tools.


Certification for Experienced Professionals

Experienced professional can also look for up-gradation of their knowledge and skills by acquiring a flexible sales certification. This increases their promotion chances as well as earning potentials. People who have worked in other positions from different sectors and willing to shift sales can also learn intricacies of sales processes and techniques so that they are better able to manage the sales pitch effectively at every step of the sales process.


A certification covers a broad range of topics that learners are trained on;

–  Sales Skills (Sales Process, Opening and Closing of sales with overcoming objections)
–  Management of Sales Force, Evaluation and Appraisal of Salesmanship
–  Pricing Decisions
–  Sales Budgeting and Forecasting
–  Sales Analysis, Quota and Records
–  Marketing and Communication Technologies
–  Relationship Management and Ethics


Who Can Acquire a Sales Certification?

If you love communicating, defy challenges and cherish a dream of excellent career the sales certification is the ideal choice for you. Professionals who have just entered in highly competitive sales career can learn from the sales experts who have spent decades in sales career. A certificate in sales also paves ways for professionals working at higher levels. This enhances their promotion and earning opportunities.

Students and graduates willing to continue learning best sales practices, customer services professionals, sales consultants and services providers can reach their next level of career with a professional sales certification.

How a Sales certification can lead you to become a CEO?