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What is the most accurate pre-hiring sales assessment that select closers and How Does it Help Predict New Sales Hire Success?

The Objective Management Group (OMG) is a leading provider of sales hiring assessments. It helps companies predict the success of new sales hires by assessing their skills and qualities. The Pre-hiring Sales Assessment uses a variety of techniques to evaluate potential candidates, such as interviews, personality tests, and aptitude tests. The assessment measures how well a candidate is likely to perform in the role they are being hired for, allowing employers to make better decisions when it comes to hiring sales personnel. Additionally, the OMG Sales Assessment provides valuable feedback on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses so that employers can better understand their skillset and develop them further if needed. By using the OMG Sales Assessment, companies can ensure they are making the right decision when it comes to hiring new sales personnel and increase their chances of success in this field.

How the Sales Assessment Helps Identify Four Key Characteristics in a Successful Closer

The Sales Assessment is an effective tool for identifying the four key characteristics that make a successful closer. This assessment process helps employers identify candidates who have the right competencies and skills to succeed in sales roles. It evaluates potential hires based on criteria such as self-motivation, hunting skills, problem-solving abilities, and reacing decision makers abilities. The Sales Assessment also provides valuable insights into how candidates handle challenging situations and how they respond to pressure. By analyzing these four key characteristics, employers can make more informed hiring decisions and ensure they are bringing on the right people for their sales team.

Using predictive Reports to Leverage Data for Smarter Hiring Decisions

This a powerful tool for making data-driven decisions when it comes to hiring. By leveraging data from the Reports, companies can make smarter, more informed hiring decisions that will help them find the right talent for their organization.

The OMG Hiring Insights Report provides an in-depth analysis of the candidate’s skills and experience, as well as their potential fit for the role. The report also offers predictive analytics to identify which candidates are most likely to succeed in a given role. Additionally, it provides detailed insights into how a candidate’s skills and experience align with the company’s hiring goals. With these insights, employers can make better-informed decisions about who they should hire.

The Benefits of Using sales centric and predictive assessment when hiring sales people with Objective Management Group

Objective Management Group (OMG) provides sales centric and predictive assessment tools to help employers find the best candidates for their sales positions. By using these assessments, employers can identify the most qualified applicants, measure their skills and abilities, and predict how successful they will be in the role. This helps to ensure that only the best candidates are hired for sales positions, which can lead to improved performance and higher customer satisfaction. The assessments also provide insight into what makes a successful sales person so that employers can tailor their hiring process accordingly. With OMG’s assessments, employers can make sure they are hiring the right people for their sales roles with confidence.


Nada is the Founder & CEO of WIN Sales & Marketing Programs. With 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and management in different sectors, she acquired a rich experience that she is sharing with companies that strive to be innovative and successful in business. She has been highly successful in developing their human resources structure and in optimizing their operations and their sales force performance. She likes to focus on one main objective: how to help organizations achieve a better profitability and growth.

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