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Does a Sales Certification really matter to your career?

Does a sales certification acquisition give sales people an extra edge? Do you need to prove your credentials to employers? why we should invest time and money?

Statistics showed that it is :

–   A Career Booster : Being Certified will boost your effectiveness, your career and your team efficiency: 72% rank in the top 25% within their respective organizations
–   an Income Booster: Being Certified will surely help you increase your income: 75% increased their sales by 15% or more during their training period

It is the best way to stand out from the crowd of applicants in a room. A certification gives you powerful tools to overcome obstacles in understanding psyche of your prospects, learning market dimensions minutely, daring the fear of rejection etc.


How a Sales Certification Benefits You

It helps you increase closing rate often lacked by a typical professional. One important factor is that it hones your specialized skills for a particular industry. As different industries require specific selling and convincing skills, professionals have to be advanced to face any hurdle in their closing.


Training Certification for Newcomers

A newcomer is someone who has just embarked upon challenging but a rewarding career . Just like at higher level competition at entry level is also high. Having a certificate gets you an extra opportunity to be considered for the position. As compared to that of experienced ones’ newcomers have to take more risks. However, taking risks without proper knowledge and strategy can be fatal; on the other hand it can bear astounding fruits when you are equipped with a proper certification and tools.


Certification for Experienced Professionals

Experienced professional can also look for up-gradation knowledge and skills, prove your credentials by acquiring a flexible sales certification. This increases their promotion chances as well as earning potentials. People who have worked in other positions from different sectors and willing to shift sales can also learn intricacies of sales processes and techniques so that they are better able to manage the sales pitch effectively at every step of sale.


Take a Free Self-Sales assessment, fill the form below:


A standard certification covers a broad range of topics that learners are trained on;

–  Selling Skills (Sales Process, Opening and Closing with overcoming objections)
–  Management of Sales Force, Evaluation and Appraisal of Salesmanship
–  Pricing Decisions
–  Budgeting and Forecasting
–  Analysis, Quota and Records
–  Marketing and Communication Technologies
–  Relationship Management and Ethics


Who Can Acquire a Certification

If you love communicating, defy challenges and cherish a dream of excellent career the selling certification is the ideal choice for you. Professionals who have just entered in highly competitive career can learn from the experts who have spent decade selling. A certificate also paves ways for professionals working at higher levels. This enhances their promotion and earning opportunities.

Students and graduates willing to continue learning best sales practices, customer services professionals, consultants and services providers can reach their next level of career with a professional sales certification.



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Sales Training Impact on sales representative and organizations

Sales training has catalytic effect on performance of a sales representative ability to boost dramatically his career and income.

Acquiring a Sales Certification ramp up, based on research, sales representative on the job 50% faster than their peers and can save a company over $100,000 in hiring and development costs in the first 18 months on the job.

One of the many reasons why people go in for sales is the rewards in astounding sales career. Once you are fully equipped with necessary tools and strategies, sky is the limit. There are endless opportunities and a proper Sales certification prepares you for tackling all minor and major challenges in your sales career.Formal sales training equips sales representative to learn the details involved in sales closing.


Advantages of sales training

Acquiring a sales training certification In highly competitive sales environment, and standing out from the crowd is crucial nowadays One of the most effective tools to stand out from the crowd is acquiring experience, skills or educations which are lacked by an ordinary sales representative. A certification in sales is the best way to ahead with your sales career and surely support each one of you to get better opportunities. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced one, a sales certification is an excellent refreshing tool to further your career in sales. It provides you with a needed set of skills and techniques in a very short time period as per the convenience of learners.


A Sales Management Certification program will get you an edge in

–   Implementing change management strategies
–   Enhancing efficiency of your sales team by implementing effective Sales Management techniques
–   Applying talent management processes to build a passionate and dynamic sales team that differentiates your organization from the competition
–   Enabling you to create result oriented job profile, design compensation plans, conduct interviews effectively and select potential sales candidates.


Major Areas Covered by Sales Certification Program Covers

Sales certificate program covers all vital area necessary for robust sales performance such as;

–   Sales Management Styles
–   Leadership in-Sales-Management
–   Change Management
–   Operation Management Tools
–   Talent Management
–   Territory Management


Features of Sales Certificate Programs

Various Sales training programs are designed keeping in view industry specific requirements. These are focused towards enabling sales representative to realize their sales potential; here’s what make these programs to be preferred by all;

–   Duly recognized
–   Flexible
–   Current
–   Online Sales training

Online technologies have enabled sales professionals to overcome the biggest restraint in availing sales training; the time barrier. With this sales professionals are able to hone their skills without worrying about time restraints. Web-based sales certificate programs are flexible are focused on enhancing overall skills set of sales representative. With online sales training programs, upgrading sales skills needs nothing more than an efficient computer system, internet connection and chosen sales training program. With an industry specific sales certification program professionals can hone their sales skills and deliver best performance thereby enabling them to advance their career despite all odds.


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Increase Sales Performance Using Technology

Increase sales performance of your sales force is probably your number one priority in 2017. How are you going to achieve that in an a global recession environment and with companies shrinking budgets year after year? What are you going to do differently?

In such environment, sales force need to work more to achieve or work smartly. Here some ideas that we believe will help a sales force to increase sales performance on the go:


Get a smart phone or a tablet

Be all day long connected is the rule number one, to be proactive and interact quickly:

–   To clients and prospects
–   Access easily your social network for data mining
–   Follow web based sales training
–   Get you sales manager sales coaching tips
–   Be fast, beat your competition


Use powerful data mining as a compass whenever you need it

Identify all possible segments of prospects within a region or an area . Address each segment with a personalized sales pitch. Using data mining to identify groups of potential clients like:

– that offers the most powerful and sophisticated tools for extracting value from Social Data. imagine
– that helps the sales force build relationships and access executives in a whole different way.
– that is a powerful and easy to use platform that quickly adds social media contact information to your database and CRM system.


Leads generation

–   Inbound marketing and social networking activity two hours a week at least create hot leads, boost sales performance and shorten the sales cycle
–   Invite your employee to follow the company activities and leave comments


Sales training on the go

Nowadays, sales performance is impacted by regular sales training, sales coaching and follow up. Sales people can spend few days per year in a classroom but need to spend at least 1 hour a week in sales training, follow up and sales coaching to boost performance.

Sales people are under pressure all year long,specially in these though times, they don’t have the time to spend hours of training in classroom. Though, they can easily follow :

–    On-line sales trainings any time they can, in the evening, at the airport, in the car to refresh their selling potential

–    Or Live sales training webinars to follow trends and new sales techniques and interact with sales experts for better sales performance.

Sales Coaching on time

The sales force should interact with clients all day long. Long sales meeting to coach our sales force is time consuming and a luxury, but unfortunately crucial to the our sales growth. Some web based platform are excellent to help sales managers do the job remotely.

an example or  Sales Coaching, provides real-time feedback on the leading indicators that determine actual sales results, delivered on a cloud and mobile platform that lets sales managers collaborate with their team on each goal, deal by deal, to ensure successful growth, quarter over quarter.

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Why Professional Sales Training Is Necessary for Any Business

Professional sales training aims at a corporation’s strategy for long-term sales sustainability by imparting:

–   Professional sales development
–   Improving sales team productivity
–   Increasing bottomline

The aim of this training basically, is to make the sales team, the best professionals in their field. Even then, at the heart and soul of this professional sales training, is interest to improve sales while guaranteeing productivity performance for sales teams.

Professional sales training also gives participants skills and tools which can be used to bolster interaction with maximum results for every call made. Moreover, these programs also make it easier for participants to implement the best-selling procedures, qualifying this program as both tactical and strategic. Instilling pre-call planning is a crucial aspect of this program as well.


In-House Professional Sales Training

In-house professional sales training is another crucial aspect of this process and targets mainly, a unified sales team within the organization’s life. For young sales professionals, this is an interesting opportunity to not only gain industry knowledge, but also share and learn from veterans who can also gain from being motivated and re-energized. Also, focusing on restructuring weak points, unique selling points and the entire performance of the team also helps improve the team’s motivation.

At the center of professional sales training is helping bring new customers to an organization. It’s however, important to note that whereas the focus is new customers, adding value to existing customers in the face of stiff competition is another critical function of the professional sales training. To achieve this, the skills imparted are dedicated to learning from exactly what happens in the field.

Professional sales training while focusing on the team, also considers the value of individual training, values and goals. This includes addressing issues of performance within individual’s sales teams to find sales people who not only fit into the organizations structure, but also getting new sales people to join.

Professional sales training aims at the overall sales of the organization. These include skills and techniques which will equip sales team members achieve individual targets and those of their organizations. This can only happen when the skills and techniques in selling are imparted to become second nature to them.

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Online Sales Training Helps Sales Teams Improve Productivity and Revenue

Online sales training is a very crucial process and is mainly targeted at offering unlimited right to use the following:

–   Available assessments
–   All courses
–   Interactive examples
–   Self-paced learning experience
All of these should be very useful to the sales people. You get the chance to be fully equipped with great information in sales by studying these courses thoroughly and going through the training material several times. There is ample time provided and all the systems are at your disposal. You also get a sales self-assessment program to gauge your acquired knowledge and study the questions which have been frequently asked in the past. These questions expose you to an environment of learning what the people need and hence being in a better position to address their needs accurately.


Why Online Sales Training?

Online sales training resources are precisely the best tools to help any sales person to improve their sales productivity and profitability be it for the companies, marketing expertise as well as individual sales personnel. These results can only be achieved once the entire training procedure is comprehensively covered. The learning materials in the training sessions are usually free of charge, especially if you’re doing corporate sales development programs. In addition, there are other courses that are offered which include the following:

–    Management training skills

–    Outstanding sales strategies

–    Implementation or execution
These world-class online sales training which are used are entirely available to the sales persons as well as all the managers everywhere in world. It does not depend on the company locality, proximity or even the size of the company.

Online training training is aimed at improving the professionals’ abilities by giving them the most accommodating approach, ethically right as well as one which is constructive. Selling, as we might agree, is a broad subject. It is because of this reason that online programs have tried to cover:

–     Theories of selling

–     The best methods of selling

–     Sales techniques

–     Negotiations

–     Communication
The expertise selling training is therefore compressed into a summary which is easy to comprehend and the main points are given priority. You can choose to use this information as a personal teaching lead and to develop your business skills or use it for any other reason that may seem necessary and useful to you and your group or you organization.

In conclusion, online sales training is argued to be the best sales learning methods since anyone can easily download learning materials online and read them at your most convenient time. It is the best way to acquire sales skills for either graduate or organizations.

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