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Have you faced this situation in a sales call?


Have you faced this situation in a sales call? 

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Here I am with another live experience and a valuable lesson and situation that sales people face on daily basis. I experience this scenario every other day.

Sometimes a prospect will try to push you into giving a demo early in a conversation – we’ll talk about how to avoid this later in subsequent posts in details, but if it happens, here’s a quick fix.

Let’s say you’re selling an amazing product to a prospect over the phone:

PROSPECT: “We need a new system and are evaluating options. Can you show me a demo?”

YOU: “Happy to do a demo. I want to make sure I show you the right parts of our system so do you mind if I ask you a few questions first so we can make the best use of our time?”

PROSPECT: “Sure.” (Most of the time)

Instead of getting straight into the demo, frame your first questions in a way that shows you’re trying to help them get the most for their time (which you will be) and they’ll appreciate it. Also make sure to note down every response and write down corresponding product solution points with your prospect’s responses.

I call this process “earning the right to pitch.” Next, I’ll walk you through a verbal tactic you can pair this with to close deals faster and more consistently.

Have you or someone on your team started selling the solution before you’ve ‘earned the right to pitch’? 

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How a Sales Certification Will Boost Your Business?

To take your business to the top, you need a strong and consistent workforce.

Sales certification can sharpen the skills of your team and provide them all the tools that they need to bring in maximum business to the company.

It’s true that experience and expertise matter the most for the success of a sales team, but with the right training and guidance, every member of the team can perform to their level best which in turn spells instant success for the organization.

Want to know what the benefits of a sales certification are and how it can help you grow and shine in the market? Keep reading to find out:

Enhanced Professionalism

Sales certification brings the entire sales team on one equal level and increases professionalism and positivity between the salespeople. During most sales training and coaching programs, employees are taught how to function and operate as a unit in order to maintain the sales graph and boost profits for the company. This alignment amongst the team to achieve the set goals not only gives rise to better team workers but also identifies team leaders who can coach and train others to perform up to their potential.

Competitive Edge

In order to continue growth and build a strong portfolio in the competitive sales industry, you need to break free from the traditional clichés and create a unique position for yourself in the market.

With professional certification, you can be assured that your sales team has additional sales knowledge and skills to cope with the latest trends and connect with the target audience and this instantly translates to optimum success and positive word of mouth marketing for your company.

Better Understanding of Customer Needs

To connect with the customers on a personal level, the sales team needs to interact and sell with the right passion and approach. Being too pushy is never a good idea and always results in a negative impression.

Different sales training modules specifically teach individuals in the sales team how they should sell the product in a way that it doesn’t go too over the top and strikes the right chord. Thus, sales certification not only makes your sales team stronger and consistent, but also increases the number of loyal and satisfied customers associated with your company.

Building Value of Your Brand

To be a sales person you need to have an understanding about the customer psyche as well as how to reach out to them in the best possible light. With the right training and certification you can boost the morale of the entire sales personnel and make sure that every member of the sales team is an expert in the field.

Continued Learning versus Sales certification

In the field of sales, there are no bounds to learning. In order to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the consumer market, constant innovation and understanding of customer wants is of critical importance.

Sales certification arms your sales team with the skills they need to perform at their best and apply their knowledge and experience for increasing business insight. With certification and training your sales team will know how to cater to the varying mindsets of consumers and put forward the solution without wasting time of the customer.

All in all, sales certification equips the sales team with technical knowledge and practical skills that boost the credibility of your brand, attract more business and result in renewed sales and profits. Getting sales certification brings instant benefits to every sales individual in your team, your organization and also your customers making it a win-win deal for everyone.

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Why Professional Sales Training Is Necessary for Any Business

Professional sales training aims at a corporation’s strategy for long-term sales sustainability by imparting:

–   Professional sales development
–   Improving sales team productivity
–   Increasing bottomline

The aim of this training basically, is to make the sales team, the best professionals in their field. Even then, at the heart and soul of this professional sales training, is interest to improve sales while guaranteeing productivity performance for sales teams.

Professional sales training also gives participants skills and tools which can be used to bolster interaction with maximum results for every call made. Moreover, these programs also make it easier for participants to implement the best-selling procedures, qualifying this program as both tactical and strategic. Instilling pre-call planning is a crucial aspect of this program as well.


In-House Professional Sales Training

In-house professional sales training is another crucial aspect of this process and targets mainly, a unified sales team within the organization’s life. For young sales professionals, this is an interesting opportunity to not only gain industry knowledge, but also share and learn from veterans who can also gain from being motivated and re-energized. Also, focusing on restructuring weak points, unique selling points and the entire performance of the team also helps improve the team’s motivation.

At the center of professional sales training is helping bring new customers to an organization. It’s however, important to note that whereas the focus is new customers, adding value to existing customers in the face of stiff competition is another critical function of the professional sales training. To achieve this, the skills imparted are dedicated to learning from exactly what happens in the field.

Professional sales training while focusing on the team, also considers the value of individual training, values and goals. This includes addressing issues of performance within individual’s sales teams to find sales people who not only fit into the organizations structure, but also getting new sales people to join.

Professional sales training aims at the overall sales of the organization. These include skills and techniques which will equip sales team members achieve individual targets and those of their organizations. This can only happen when the skills and techniques in selling are imparted to become second nature to them.

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Professional Sales Training, Training Course Sales

In this ever changing world, the only thing that is constant is change. Considering this age old saying, it becomes safe to say that the Greek philosopher Heraclitus knew exactly what is in store for the generations to come. Today, technological innovations are reconstructing the world every day in one way or another. Thanks to this continual change; innovative products and services are fast replacing their traditional counterparts, making the job of a sales professional more challenging than ever. Gone are the days when age old sales used to work for all industry verticals. Today, sales professionals are required to be at the top of their game if they wish to survive in the highly competitive sales world.


Unfortunately, most sales professionals find it a huge challenge to go for professional sales training due to time constraints. Likewise, many companies fail to give due time to their sales training needs and have to pay the price by the virtue of decrease in revenue; this where online sales training companies come as a remarkable resort. As the name suggests these agencies specialize in imparting industry specific sales training courses to suit sales professionals coming from a variety of departmental levels and industry domains. The following are the benefits offered by online sales training agencies:


For Sales Professionals

As stated earlier, these agencies offer tailor made training programs for sales professionals from all industry verticals, sales professionals are sure to find a suitable training course in sales to enhance their sales skills. Furthermore, since the certifications awarded by reputed online training agencies are recognized internationally, the certificate holders always get benefit from them no matter where they go. Holding a professional sales training certification makes the holder a clear favorite of the employer and may also contribute towards the pay package.


For Companies

Companies looking to train their sales professionals can also benefit from such training agencies. To begin with, by sourcing sales training to a specialist training agency, companies can save a great deal of time and efforts required for effective training management. Furthermore, since these agencies impart the programs using web based means, your sales professionals can use the training material whenever they find the time; thus, eliminating the need for them to take time out from their busy schedules to sign for a suitable training course in sales.
Although it is undeniable that such firms can be a great help in enhancing the skillset of sales professionals, you must always refer to customer reviews about the chosen agency before signing up with them.

Why Professional Sales Training Is Necessary for Any Business
Professional Sales Training, Training Course Sales