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By admin

What happens to a prospect when they go dark and getting to the real objection

When I first started selling, I often experienced the following scenario.

I’d have a meeting thinking I totally nailed it, only for the prospect to go dark after my attempts to follow up.

What the heck was I doing wrong? Well there were a few things, I’d made a classic error: I’d fail to uncover the secret objection my prospect still had at the end of our conversation.

Unless you directly ask, it’s easy for a prospect not to reveal their actual objections to buying. Not only is it too hard for a prospect to pin down the objection on their own, but there’s a stigma associated with rejection, and they don’t want to feel like a bad person by doing it to you.

Also, although the prospect realised both a pain and solution, they were still stuck with an existing process and habit which is hard to break.

On my side, there was still a lot of work to do if I wanted to consistently move these deals forward. The way you can motivate someone to make a change is to continue to play investigator. A few questions I like to use are:

  • Do you want to change this? (sounds simple, but no one asks this)
  • Where would making a change like this sit on your priority list? (get specific, are you in their top three or bottom three? you can learn a lot here. maybe you can solve other priorities and they don’t know it yet)
  • How committed are you to changing this in the next ______? (this gives you a sense of timeline to close/implement assuming you’re on their priority list)

These questions sound basic, but surprisingly very few have a habit of explicitly asking them.

What is your strategy to face this situation? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

By admin

Have you faced this situation in a sales call?


Have you faced this situation in a sales call? 

(Source: Flickr)

Here I am with another live experience and a valuable lesson and situation that sales people face on daily basis. I experience this scenario every other day.

Sometimes a prospect will try to push you into giving a demo early in a conversation – we’ll talk about how to avoid this later in subsequent posts in details, but if it happens, here’s a quick fix.

Let’s say you’re selling an amazing product to a prospect over the phone:

PROSPECT: “We need a new system and are evaluating options. Can you show me a demo?”

YOU: “Happy to do a demo. I want to make sure I show you the right parts of our system so do you mind if I ask you a few questions first so we can make the best use of our time?”

PROSPECT: “Sure.” (Most of the time)

Instead of getting straight into the demo, frame your first questions in a way that shows you’re trying to help them get the most for their time (which you will be) and they’ll appreciate it. Also make sure to note down every response and write down corresponding product solution points with your prospect’s responses.

I call this process “earning the right to pitch.” Next, I’ll walk you through a verbal tactic you can pair this with to close deals faster and more consistently.

Have you or someone on your team started selling the solution before you’ve ‘earned the right to pitch’? 

By admin

6 Great Sales Training Franchise Criteria for a Successful Start

Setting up a sales training franchise is a win-win situation, both for you as an entrepreneur and for companies that sign you up for training their sales personnel.

The rising demand for sales training has turned many experienced professionals towards this field, and in order to make your mark in the industry, you need to think a notch ahead of your competition.

A complete sales training franchise needs to have everything from the right experts, comprehensive management, budding talent, industry experience and of course effective marketing.

Wondering what makes for a  successful start for sales training franchise and what you need to do in order to race ahead of your competition? Here are the six basic criteria that you need to survive and stay ahead in the market. Take a look:

An Established Brand Name

One of the main advantages of going for a sales training franchise is that you get to work under an already established banner and this saves you a lot of time and resources needed to build your image from scratch. Therefore, it is important that when you are looking for a sales franchise, you go for a reputable and credible name that already has the right balance of skills, experience and credibility in the market.

A Skilled Training Team

A successful team of training and coaching professionals will instantly bring in more business and more success for your sales training franchise. When creating a team, it is helpful to select dedicated professionals who not only have the talent but also a thirst for knowledge. Doing so will establish a  sound name for your franchise in the initial stages as you will be better geared up to  coach sales teams from diverse industries and business areas.

Experienced Individuals

Though the concept of sales remains the same, a sales coach needs to have experience of dealing with  diverse markets and different industries. This industry experience helps different sales individuals gain equal knowledge and skills from them.

Technological Influence

Technology has completely taken over the world of sales and marketing and the tech savvy customers of today expect nothing less than utmost quality and convenience. Therefore, it is important to have an edge over the advanced technologies  that are in vogue in the sales world. This way you can better educate and arm sales professionals how to discover massive growth opportunities and unmatched success in their respective fields.

Dedicated Support is a must for a successful sales training franchise

A dedicated customer support service always spells instant success for your brand, no matter what type of business you are operating. When you are running a sales training franchise, you need to pay special attention to this aspect in order to win over more clients and let industry professionals know why they you are the best choice in the market.

Therefore, this is one important criterion that you need to focus on in order to make a successful entrance in the sales training world.

Marketing and Promotion

Last but not the least, making a unique mark in the sales training empire requires effective marketing and promotional tactics. Online marketing is a rage in this aspect, and can give your sales training franchise the leverage it needs to make a powerful start. And it goes without saying, once you begin on the right note, there is absolutely no looking back!

In the current economic climate, specialized sales training is important for every member of a sales team in a particular organization. This makes owning a sales training franchise a lucrative and profitable business venture that not only brings in massive profits today but also open doors to versatile opportunities in the future.



What happens to a prospect when they go dark and getting to the real objection