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By admin

What happens to a prospect when they go dark and getting to the real objection

When I first started selling, I often experienced the following scenario.

I’d have a meeting thinking I totally nailed it, only for the prospect to go dark after my attempts to follow up.

What the heck was I doing wrong? Well there were a few things, I’d made a classic error: I’d fail to uncover the secret objection my prospect still had at the end of our conversation.

Unless you directly ask, it’s easy for a prospect not to reveal their actual objections to buying. Not only is it too hard for a prospect to pin down the objection on their own, but there’s a stigma associated with rejection, and they don’t want to feel like a bad person by doing it to you.

Also, although the prospect realised both a pain and solution, they were still stuck with an existing process and habit which is hard to break.

On my side, there was still a lot of work to do if I wanted to consistently move these deals forward. The way you can motivate someone to make a change is to continue to play investigator. A few questions I like to use are:

  • Do you want to change this? (sounds simple, but no one asks this)
  • Where would making a change like this sit on your priority list? (get specific, are you in their top three or bottom three? you can learn a lot here. maybe you can solve other priorities and they don’t know it yet)
  • How committed are you to changing this in the next ______? (this gives you a sense of timeline to close/implement assuming you’re on their priority list)

These questions sound basic, but surprisingly very few have a habit of explicitly asking them.

What is your strategy to face this situation? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

By admin

Have you faced this situation in a sales call?


Have you faced this situation in a sales call? 

(Source: Flickr)

Here I am with another live experience and a valuable lesson and situation that sales people face on daily basis. I experience this scenario every other day.

Sometimes a prospect will try to push you into giving a demo early in a conversation – we’ll talk about how to avoid this later in subsequent posts in details, but if it happens, here’s a quick fix.

Let’s say you’re selling an amazing product to a prospect over the phone:

PROSPECT: “We need a new system and are evaluating options. Can you show me a demo?”

YOU: “Happy to do a demo. I want to make sure I show you the right parts of our system so do you mind if I ask you a few questions first so we can make the best use of our time?”

PROSPECT: “Sure.” (Most of the time)

Instead of getting straight into the demo, frame your first questions in a way that shows you’re trying to help them get the most for their time (which you will be) and they’ll appreciate it. Also make sure to note down every response and write down corresponding product solution points with your prospect’s responses.

I call this process “earning the right to pitch.” Next, I’ll walk you through a verbal tactic you can pair this with to close deals faster and more consistently.

Have you or someone on your team started selling the solution before you’ve ‘earned the right to pitch’? 

By admin

Sales Career – Getting Ahead in Any Industry

The sales and marketing industry offer several career paths and positions you can apply for if you are one the flood of business-minded people. This is due to the fact that every industry that exists require a corresponding sales career.  Have a step forward in your sales career with the following examples of careers.


Sales Career in IT Industry

One of the industries that requires a greater number of sales professionals is the IT industry. Not only that this industry provides a substantial income but it also gives job security since technology nowadays is really a major factor in the industries.  You can make sure of a longer commitment with this type of industry but be sure that as the nature of the IT world changes, you as a sales professional will also get better every day in your sales career. It still comes down to lots of hard work.


Sales Career in Medical Devices

Compared to the IT Industry, the Healthcare industry provides even more job security because every year, people spent more money on healthcare. Because of this, the money that goes to this industry will also benefit the sales professionals working for it. A consideration in this industry is not what the sales career should be, but which avenue the sales professionals should explore.


Independent Sales Representative

Sometimes, the economy is not always running positively, so if you are considering other income potential jobs, you can try independent sales reps. Even big companies that sell products and services still need someone to market their products. They turn to independent sales rep that are easier have transactions with. The internet provides many options for this type of sales career.


Sales Career in Food Service

Food is one the major things that do not go out of trend because aside from the air we breathe, food is a major thing people need. The Food Service Sales professionals will allow you to market food related items or establishments. There are certain competitions in this category but this competition only makes the market for food sales professionals even stronger.


Manufacturer’s Representative

This category sells products for a specific manufacturer and thus needs a sales professional to represent only one manufacturer.

What happens to a prospect when they go dark and getting to the real objection
Sales Career – Getting Ahead in Any Industry