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The Importance of Sales Certification to Your Sales Career

Considering today’s competitive job market and the inflation as well as the devaluing of the US dollar. The unemployment ratio is still high and if you are planning to land a sales job can be incredibly difficult task. If you want to stay in the game, you need to be competitive and keep your skills up to date. A sales certification can play an essential role. A sales certification will help you certify your sales skills, such as:

  • What is you sales skill level?
  • What you can do to boost your sales?
  • What you can do to get a edge over other sales professional?
  • What you do to be effective in closing multiple sales?
  • What you need and how to retain customer loyalty?
  • How to handle rejections and objections?

In this competitive and chaotic market with these relentless changes a professional sales team is the key to competitive advantage. No matter where you fall in the sales spectrum: if you are a new sales rep, or a seasoned sales executive or an incredible sales manager a sales certification and training can improve productivity, enhances sales skills, and increases industry awareness. Statistics show that a sales certification and training enhances performance not only for a short period but it remains consistent even during changing market conditions.

It doesn’t matter which Industry you belong to a sales certification is a must. It is a proven fact that a higher quality sales team can add value to the sales offering and a team of qualified salespeople can ensure you sell your way out of the recession. A Sales Certification ensures the credibility of the professional.It surpasses high standards of education experience knowledge and ethical conduct.

The advantage of a sales certifications that you don’t have to be a born seller. You just need to learn and apply the principles, training to be successful. A sales certification ensures that you produce an adaptive reasoning skills required to dramatically improve sales performance. As a result, sales certification holders enjoy much higher job placement rate and better commissions. Having an added sales certification to your resume can enhance your career.

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Sales Training Courses – How to Choose the Right Course for Your Sales Needs

There are so many sales training courses available in the marketplace today. Selecting a right sales training course can be a tiring task, be it for your personal use or for you company, choosing a perfect sales training course is important, but can also be confusing.

The key is to find the course that best suites your needs. Here are a few questions that will help you determine why you need a sales training course for you or your team in the first place.

–    Are you looking for basic guidance?
–    Are you looking to enhance individual skills and sales performance?
–    Are you looking to enhance your marketing ability as a team?
–    Are you looking to figure out how today’s social media posing a growing threat to your sales results?
–    Are you looking to learn new ways and embrace new culture of managing your marketing and sales?


Sales training courses will help you provide an effective process to understand the changing culture in today’s market conditions. We all have attended a sales seminar or read a sale book and got excited with new ideas and planned on how we are going to use it, but at the end results where frustrating and not what we expected. A proper guideline and training can provide better results.


Curriculum of the Sales Training Courses

When you look at the curriculum of all the sales training courses, make sure they teach of some or all of the following :
–    How to focus on action and proper implementation
–    How to create a professional sales image
–    How to stand out in the crowd
–    How to set and achieve goals and targets
–    How to identify prospects
–    How to be effective in closing more sales


Effective sales training courses can be customized and designed for your specific needs and the trainer who has sales expertise and proven track record. A proper sales training course will enhance your ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships which is a key to winning and retaining business.

Ignite your passion for selling and acquire the confidence that separates the pros from the general crowd. You’ll be amazed at how your new skills and attitude you get from the sales training courses will help you get past by gatekeepers and enhance your abilities to book appointments, which in turn lead to bigger and better sales and loyal customers. Considering the factors discussed above before choosing a right sales training course for effective and overall success of you or your sales team. Overall an effective sales training course should be inspiring and a lot of fun!

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4 Sales training tips to build your sales force

Sales training is the backbone of your sales force and is crucial for business development and sales increase.

The findings of a study conducted by the American Society for sales training and sales Development show that employees who receive sales training and reinforcement earn 50 percent more in net sales 

1- Is sales training alone the answer?

Yes, a trained sales force will boost business development and increase sales But Only If you have assurance that your sales team has the potential to grow and achieve your goal.
Using a sales specific and accurate assessment of your sales force will help you answer this crucial answer before  investing in sales training.

2-What results should you expect from your sales training and sales development programs?

Sales development should  higher gross profits for the company. Top-earning sales companies spend about 6 percent of payroll costs on sales training along with a sales development programs to the entire sales force. Do you?

3-What sales training options do you have to develop continually your sales force at minimum cost?

On the contrary of previous generations we have three types of sales training and sales development mediums that we can use.
1-The classroom sales training is the most known and applied medium, yet also the most expensive.
2-the webinars live face to face for sales training and coaching the sales force is 30 percent less
3- and the online training 24/7 is 60 percent less than the  classroom workshops..
Sales training and sales development plans then can fit any company size because packages will be compatible with their needs , capacity and number of sales people.

4-Which sales development plan will best suit my business development along with my sales force goals?

Sales development of a sales force may vary from company to another one. It depends on the company size , business development goals and geographical spread. For example Big companies:
    • Might need to implement a sales academy within their organization in  cooperation with sales development companies.
  • Will rely on their sales expertise, new sales and business development trends , techniques and tools and while delivering them internally by their trainers.

ALSO Other cost-effective trainings and  sales development solutions are available for small and medium companies.

How much you loose from not  training your sales force?

Well  a study by ASTD showed that “Sales people completing a selling skills intensive training program show increases in productivity ranging from 35% to 1665%.”
Would you invest a 5 percent of your sales budget to increase your sales by 35 percent?

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4 Sales Team Winning Secrets to Implement Immediatly

Every company knows that their bottom line is revenue. Every company strive  to have a winning sales team all year long.

Today’s economy has become a challenging workplace, indeed. Individuals and corporations are often times, left wondering how they can take their businesses successfully to the next level.

For Sure, your objective is to turn each one of your salespeople into professional sales money makers for your company.Well, there is help out there.

If you are looking to decrease salesperson turnover, and to cut costs, Sales processes, sales team development and in-house sales  training are all areas you should concentrate on to give you the best probability for success.

How do we do this? Through an abundance of sales solutions. Each one structured to your specific company; where sales training is structured towards your sales team development.

No matter your need or occasion, it all starts with four secrets that will create a winning sales team for your company.

Secret #1:  Ground Zero Skills Assessment. This is key to determining how the groundwork will be set. Here is where your sales team is evaluated and additional knowledge and skills are recommended to boost your company’s professional sales reputation.

Then you should be offered professional sales training, sales courses for sales and management, as well as professional sales training certifications.

Secret #2:  Classroom Training. Here is where you find sales courses and certifications. Offered as live workshops, and face to face professional sales training webinars with a trainer.

A wide range of sales training certifications, such as Sales Manager Certification (CPSM), Sales People Certification (CSP), and Sales Executive Certification (CSE). Sales Training is available for individuals and corporations. Whatever your need, we have got you covered.

Secret #3:  E-learning Modules. You can make it  easy for yourself. Sales training is online, in other words, 24/7/365. Everyone has access all the time.

Whatever your weakness is, whether that is in sales techniques skills or management soft skills or communication soft skills, we have professional sales training to turn those weaknesses into your best strengths. Learning is whenever your staff has the time, and is also offered locally and internationally.

Secret #4:  Skills Improvement Assessment. As learning takes place, it can often be quickly forgotten. Not so with our skills assessments. As your sales team learns, they are tested all along the way to ensure that their new skills will be perfect for your sales team development.

Businesses today require a masterful set of competencies in many areas. Our courses, such as presentation skills, mastering body language, the art of closing deals, or meeting action plans, just to name a few,  are all designed for sales training success.

All professional sales training at Win Sales & Marketing is geared to satisfying the immediate needs of your business. Fast-track  sales training will grab your sales team on the spot, and work to equip them with the best tools to not only grow quickly in their careers, but to boost your profitability.

With Win Sales & Marketing, you just can’t lose.

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Professional Sales Training, Training Course Sales

In this ever changing world, the only thing that is constant is change. Considering this age old saying, it becomes safe to say that the Greek philosopher Heraclitus knew exactly what is in store for the generations to come. Today, technological innovations are reconstructing the world every day in one way or another. Thanks to this continual change; innovative products and services are fast replacing their traditional counterparts, making the job of a sales professional more challenging than ever. Gone are the days when age old sales used to work for all industry verticals. Today, sales professionals are required to be at the top of their game if they wish to survive in the highly competitive sales world.


Unfortunately, most sales professionals find it a huge challenge to go for professional sales training due to time constraints. Likewise, many companies fail to give due time to their sales training needs and have to pay the price by the virtue of decrease in revenue; this where online sales training companies come as a remarkable resort. As the name suggests these agencies specialize in imparting industry specific sales training courses to suit sales professionals coming from a variety of departmental levels and industry domains. The following are the benefits offered by online sales training agencies:


For Sales Professionals

As stated earlier, these agencies offer tailor made training programs for sales professionals from all industry verticals, sales professionals are sure to find a suitable training course in sales to enhance their sales skills. Furthermore, since the certifications awarded by reputed online training agencies are recognized internationally, the certificate holders always get benefit from them no matter where they go. Holding a professional sales training certification makes the holder a clear favorite of the employer and may also contribute towards the pay package.


For Companies

Companies looking to train their sales professionals can also benefit from such training agencies. To begin with, by sourcing sales training to a specialist training agency, companies can save a great deal of time and efforts required for effective training management. Furthermore, since these agencies impart the programs using web based means, your sales professionals can use the training material whenever they find the time; thus, eliminating the need for them to take time out from their busy schedules to sign for a suitable training course in sales.
Although it is undeniable that such firms can be a great help in enhancing the skillset of sales professionals, you must always refer to customer reviews about the chosen agency before signing up with them.

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Sales Training Courses – How to Choose the Right Course for Your Sales Needs
Professional Sales Training, Training Course Sales