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What Prevent Sales Teams From Reaching Full Potential

Regardless of industry, with today’s global globalization, prospects no longer buy products or services but they buy expertise mirrored by your sales people.

Therefore, leading the sales team to reach their full potential becomes crucial and only at this point noticeable market share and gain begin to be effective.

What you shouldn’t do to support your sales force achieving full potential, converting more leads to revenue and, within time becoming one of the main players within an industry.


Poor Sales Management

When it comes to the sales team assessment, sales management has to set firm, yet realistic expectations as to the sales team’s goals and overall team progress (mainly the increase in skill set effectiveness).


No Sales Training or Collaboration

All sales people need consistent, hands-on training.
Open collaboration, ideas sharing and Problem Solving and implementation begins with the proper sales training and accountability system. Without a structure put in place, the sale team will stay stagnant


Giving too Many chances

Managers are often reluctant to fire the non-performing sales representatives due to various reasons. Because sales managers most of the time avoid the confrontation, like to give many second chances and believe that the firing will demotivate the sales team.

Thus allowing these individuals to remain on the sales force is one of the biggest reasons that the business development team fails to achieve full potential. There is a saying that one bad apple spoils the bunch.


By Nada Bifani, Founder of  WIN Sales and Marketing Programs

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What Prevent Sales Teams From Reaching Full Potential