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Stop signs before hiring sales people

When it comes to hiring Not only have you spent a lot of time and money on training and salary for someone who didn’t work out, but there’s always the potential for lost or damaged client relationships.

And worst of all, you find yourself back at the beginning with a lean pipeline and looking for yet another sales person…

Hiring sales people without assessment, and proper sales development training will lead to throw a lot of money in your office trash.


I.     The sales assessment can prove their future sales potential.

II.    The sales skills assessment reveals gaps between what they can do and what you    really need.

III.    You haven’t considered enough candidates because of time constraints.

IV.    They might not suitable to grow in your organization


Many business owners try to streamline hiring by focusing on one or two candidates. A better tactic is to start with 5 or even 10 candidates, knowing that you’ll lose a couple at each step of the hiring process. That way, you can compare candidates against each other, rather than just an ideal you have in your mind. A candidate pool will help you keep the right perspective throughout the interview process.

Hiring a great sales person who will bring lots of new business and revenue to your company doesn’t have to be an ordeal. There really are thousands of qualified, ambitious candidates just waiting to be found. But, to add one to your team, you’re probably going to have to sift through your fair share of pretenders.

Be on the lookout for these stop signs and you’ll avoid the most common sales hiring mistakes.


By Nada Bifani, CEO of WIN Sales and Marketing Programs

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Stop signs before hiring sales people