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Sales management refers to the art of planning sales:

Budgeting and controlling the sales, leading and recruitment and development of the sales staff. It explores the application of the sales techniques and management of sales operations for an entity to meet the sales target.

Sales Management Process

Sales management basically is a simple process if you plan your sales properly and review them time and again. It is necessary to set a system to keep track of the numbers. Sales planning would comprise of identifying the target markets, taxonomy and demography, quantifying the sales, setting targets, maintaining demand-supply balance and trying to increase the growth in sales.

Having done this, it is equally essential to keep a strict and vigilant eye on the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). KPIs help you track your progress. The sales managers should review sales report frequently to understand the customers’ behavior and trend. In the end, if it is systematic, it will always convert more leads into successful ones.


Sales Professional

In the above section the roles and responsibilities we discussed align with that of the sales managers. Climbing down the hierarchy, we also need to understand what is required by first level sales person. He or she should be able to:


–    Generate leads in the target market and try to know the preferences of your prospective customers. Explain them the products or services you offer. Tell them about the various features and benefits.
–    Once you know the truly interested customers, contact them again this time furnishing all the intricate details of the sale and the deal.
–    After the prospect confirms to buy the product or service, sign off the deal in black and white annotating various terms and conditions along with the rates.
–    Negotiate in the benefit of both the parties and close the sales deal.


Remember, this is not the end. Once you close the deal, you need to ensure that the customer is truly contented. You need to know that the next time customer needs the same product or service, he or she will get back to you only. It is very important to retain your customers by servicing them with finesse and supreme quality. Search of new prospects must not override the retention of old customers. Always remember – A rabbit in hand is worth two in the bush. That’s the key to sales management.

Sales management, thus have simple sales techniques that one should follow to increase their top line in the Income statement.

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  • Ajoy Joseph
    11:16 AM - 1 March, 2017

    Planning is the very first step before managing sales. Very knowledgable article. Keep posting such good content.

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Sales Management – What It Really Is