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Sales force assessment: 4 Great Tips to Higher Market Share

 As a managing director , are you having trouble increasing your sales force figures? Are you thinking about running a sales force assessment? or not really because you are still brainstorming?

The sales force assessment will help you sell more and increase the business development opportunities of the company as every sales manager , managing director and CEO ever dream of. Is it your sales organization market share growth is your Number 1 challenge this year?

If your answer is a YES then you should be asking yourself the following sales force assessment questions:

What if our sales force is not following us? what to do to boost each sales person sales targets? how do we keep our sales force motivated? do we need more products to gain market share and sell or is it better and easier to optimize our sales force? are we following the right sales strategy ? Is our sales force compatible with our sales strategy?

Does each managing director clearly need to hire stars salespeople in the sales force? or do we need to build on each sales person skills and potential for growth? do we need  more sales coaching or sales training? or No we only need to restructure our sales force? what is our sales force competitive advantage? what is our sales business development plan?

Lots and lots of sales strategy questions that every one of us would like to grasp the magical answers. I can tell you that the only magic is to identify a each sales person sales process, set core competencies for the sales force and to achieve all that you will need to follow a successful sales force assessment.

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TIP # 1:  Each sales organization should go through a sales force assessment at least once a year.  The sales force evaluation should answer the following questions:

  1. Is my sales management team efficient enough ?
  2. Is each sales person providing us with the full potential?
  3. can your sales force consistently overachieve?
  4. who is reaching his full potential?
  5. can they hold my margins?
  6. Who can grow?
  7. Do we have the right core competencies?
  8. can we reach a higher market share with the current sales person?
  9. who is trainable?
  10. who is coachable?
  11. everyone has an adequate sales process?
  12. how to be sure of our competitive advantage ? etc..

Each managing director and sales manager should be able to screen your sales team into the tiny tiny detail , this is how you can find the write answers to your sales organization growth potential. A dashboard of priorities should be set up to move forward and find sales success.

TIP # 2: Each managing director should look at his sales organization globally, so he can identify the sales force competitive edge will drive him to successfully increase market share and sales. 

TIP # 3: The sales force assessment will provide each managing director with a full range of actions to improve his sales organization market share position, each sales person skills, optimize the management team compass and create then a real competitive advantage to drive success.

TIP # 4:  Each managing director will be able to get an optimized budget for sales training and sales coaching that will be dedicated directly to take the sales force and market share to the next level.

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By Nada Bifani, CEO of WIN Sales and Marketing Programs, July 31, 2012.

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