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Follow Five Rules to Avoid Hiring Sales People That Will Not Perform

When clients are feeling the urgency to hire a sales people they are expecting too many candidates from ads posting or head-hunters and in most of the cases they overlooked that quality of candidates will make or break their business.

In this case, “more” would mean more like the ones they already have instead of more like the stronger ones they said they wanted to hire…
Change the way you select new candidate have a huge impact on the business and it becomes crucial to set up the rules that will lead you to Hire Stronger yet stars sales people, sales supervisors, sales managers and also senior business developer for corporate market.

There are many possible reasons why a large percentage of sales people candidates that you will assess or meet are not being a good fit to your business, you will not discover that before you engaged them. To avoid a very expensive bill, you have to evaluate your Sales Ghost before including in your offering the following crucial elements that will attract the best sales people.


Here are some to consider:


Clients expect at least half of the candidates to be recommended and are frustrated to have very few that are worth hiring in their pipeline. Few choices mean constraints.


Clients often set the difficulty level of the job really high, hoping to get an extremely strong salesperson. But they fail to change the compensation, keeping it the same as what they were paying mediocre salespeople. The result is that only mediocre salespeople apply for the position.


Criteria that only a strong, experienced sales people could possibly possess is included in the job posting. But so is compensation consistent with a mediocre salesperson. Result? A reduction in the overall number of candidates because the pool of candidates who meet both the criteria AND can live with the limited compensation is very small.

From the same Industry?

Organizations often demands to hire sales people from their industry. For some reason, the very people who feel that way tend to be from the industries that have the worst salespeople. Nobody gets recommended!

Sales people Profiling

Organizations create an image of the salesperson that makes it sound like profiling. They require someone dynamic, motivated, with a degree, minimum years’ of experience, well-dressed, professional, and trustworthy. What does all that have to do with selling effectiveness? They forget the sales centric and predictive criteria’s that are the elements of a successful sales person selection.


If you want better salespeople, you need to do the work to make sure you attract better salespeople and use a Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator.


Hiring like you always did and begin using very specific assessment tool from the sales industry and not IQ or profile assessment but select the best ones that are sales centric assessments.

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Follow 5 rules to avoid hiring sales people that won’t perform