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Sales Careers

There are a number of sales careers positions available in the sales of different industries which are up for grabs for prospecting salespersons. The careers are many and varied; some focuses at helping the salespersons advance their careers in sales while others introduce them to sales careers.

Gone are the days when such careers were considered default careers meant to absorb only those people who could not find something else to do or a well paying job. These careers are now well paying after most businesses realized the importance of marketing and sales of their products and services. This article gives an insight into a number of sales careers that are at your disposal and from which to choose.


Sales Careers option (I) Independent sales represantatives

These are sales professionals who specialize in selling products or services from different companies but are not employed by the companies. Those who develop a sales career in this field agree to work and get compensation from the company for their effort. Their work is to offer the selling services and in return get compensation.


Sales careers option (II) A sales entrepreneur

This is one of the sales careers where a salesperson takes greater risks by having an interest in the product or service on offer. In most of the cases, these persons share profits or may have equity in the producing company. The sales entrepreneur represents himself and directs all his effort in selling the product or service in question.

These people must be strong, agile and hard working. They are mostly self-motivated, self-directed and work for long hours. This career is therefore suitable for only those persons who have a self drive and have very good time management skills. These people are normally free to make their own decisions and are free to try new strategies which they hope can work for them. They are autonomous and enjoy unlimited freedom.


Sales careers option (III) Inside sales representative

This is also one of the sales careers that are open and which anyone interested in marketing can take. These people must have a strong rapport and very powerful closing skills. They mostly make use of phones but often meet their clients to close deals. If you have high organizational skills, this is an opportunity that can help you move up the ladder. These sales persons must be prepared to spend most of their time contacting customers to find out what the customers may be looking for.


Sales careers option (IV) Sales director

If you are competent in finance and sales, you can easily move up to the rank of Director of sales. This position has good rewards but comes with a number of challenges which must be overcome. The sales directors earn a handsome salary and are exposed to a number of bonuses not available to other salespersons.

They are in charge of the entire sales force and must work hard to ensure that the desired results are achieved. They normally have busy schedules attending sales meetings, conferences and sales meetings.  This is one of the sales careers that come with a lot of authority since it installs one in a leadership positions with many responsibilities on his head.

Whatever you decide to pursue, don’t forget that you need to assess your skills and your passions. The sales careers option is good and many entry level positions are available. Plus, most businesses offer commissions to their sales teams, which opens an opportunity for additional income if you perform well. You just need to stay on top of your sales training to continue to improve and refine your skills for higher commissions.

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  • Trevon
    4:39 AM - 20 January, 2013

    Didn’t know the forum rules allwoed such brilliant posts.

  • Trevon
    4:39 AM - 20 January, 2013

    Didn’t know the forum rules allwoed such brilliant posts.

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