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Is your B2B sales team building the Value Proposition?

Is your B2B Sales team Building the value proposition ? 

Solutions selling starts researching prospects goals and all current challenges that prevent them from reaching their goals. This is why Sales leaders main focus will be triggering prospects curiosity and balancing between their perceived benefit and the price is the key.

Solution selling is a whole process of thinking on the behalf of prospects, asking and discovering their urgent needs!

Creating a relevant and credible value proposition will be meaningful only if it is consistently used towards prospects wish list.

The concept of optimising value is too crucial for the prospect success to treat lightly. Find below some of the most important steps to begin searching for this wish list:

1- Find out why do prospects buy from your company in the first place? What value do they seek?

2- Ask enough questions to identify they challenges and find out how important for them is it to find a solution

3- Act like a consultant and put yourself in their shoes and think what you should do to gain their trust

4- Make sure you had a conversation with all your prospects buyers and address their compelling reasons to buy

5- Create the value proposition, making sure you quantify their loss or their gain if they buy or not from you

B2B team leader are not enough aware of prospect autonomy to go and find easily other providers to build their value proposition.

Nowadays, building the credibility is the most powerful tool to get into the client door. However, Team leaders can only build their credibility If prospects get to know them.

B2B team need to build their network and get in touch with their base on regular basis. One way of doing that is feeding prospects with information and taking care of their business like they take care of achieving their target.

Remember! Prospects can access any solution/product online and can be delivered anywhere. Being agile and alert is the only way to keep learning prospects needs and market challenges.

How, do you think, sales organisation could support Sales leaders to make sure they are on the top of their game and will be competing in such a though environment?