Become Certified in Sales

Do you want to improve your selling skills? Do you want to train a sales team in sales techniques? Do you want to be more confident and gain ‘control’ of conversations when you are speaking to customers? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you should consider getting our certification in sales.

A certification in sales will increase your credibility as a salesman. Sales professional are increasingly facing demanding, knowledgeable buyers. Your buyers will expect you to be informed, capable of showing expertise in your products and carry a professional demeanour. When you train to become a certified sales professional with us, we will give you the tools to obtain these skills.

As a salesperson, you will be expected to give value- not only through your products or services but also in your relationship with your customers. Our certification in sales will increase your knowledge of the process of consultative selling. From improved territory and time management to business creation; prospecting to goal setting and everything else you will need, we will teach you. Our graduates return to their jobs with more confidence and a renewed enthusiasm for sales. The sessions are designed in a way to enhance interaction, give intense instruction and opportunities for role play. Our training will increase your productivity, energize you and improve profitability.

Become a Certified Professional in Sales Management

A career in sales is not for the faint hearted. As you begin your journey as a sales professional, you will need all the help you can get. A certification in Sales Management can prepare you for the rigours of managing and leading a sales team in a competitive world.

You will begin from the foundations of sales theory. It will help you adapt your sales strategies as the economy evolves. We will also teach you practical applications of sales theories for when you are leading a team.

The advantages of our Certification

A Certified Professional in Sales Management is a knowledgeable, consultative and honest sales professional. Hundreds of people have earned this certification from us and they are doing well in their professional lives.

We have designed it as a comprehensive program, taking pains to included the latest developments in sales training. It will give you the confidence to face the big bad world of sales head on.

The environment for business is constantly changing. Sales education can help you remain current with the most recent developments and new technologies and skills you will need to remain at the top of your game. Whether you are a veteran sales professional or you are just embarking on a career in sales, our Certified Professional in Sales Management course will give you an edge over your peers.




Become Certified in Account Management

Many companies are starting to see the benefits of doing business with a fewer number of customers. The advantages are manifold- you get repeat orders, you are able to serve the customer better, there are more opportunities to personalise the product or service and there is a chance to build a long lasting relationship with the customer.

It is very important to know how you can acquire, grow and retain these customers and this is where we can help you. Our Certification in Account Management (sales) will equip you for the challenges of key account management.

Not only are key accounts your most important customers they are also the most vulnerable to poaching by other companies. To lose even one could have a debilitating effect on your company, whereas acquiring a new key customer can increase your profitability drastically.

Traditional sales techniques are not conducive to key account management. You need a range of communication, relationship building and business skills to create a strategic approach that will ensure key account management. Our course will teach you the best practices in key account management to help you maximize opportunities and protect your key accounts from attacks by your competitors.