New Recruit Academy

Focusing on the right selection of efficient sales team members that CAN and WILL sell for you is one of the first things that a company must do. The right selection process will avoid painful hours of CV review, interviewing & costly introductory training.  If done properly, you stand to minimize future sales failure, avoid costly sales team turnover and secure a motivated and sustainable sales force.  That’s a big ask however, it is achievable.


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To be able to achieve successful selection, your process should answer 21 core competencies to detect the necessary skills & knowledge required while predicting  future sales growth potential.

In addition to that, they should also have the adequate sales DNA. However it is not enough desire and high level of commitment along with and accountability behavior that drive them to use their skills and knowledge in the best possible way. Training new hires through induction programs is not an option for all. In that case, you should look at hiring trained professionals who are ready to take on the job from day one.


Whether you need skilled and job-ready sales professionals for your company or you are an individual looking to enhance your skills for better job prospects, you can rely on WIN Sales & Marketing Programs’ New Recruit Academy.

Nurturing Talent to Succeed

At our New Recruit Academy, our aim is to select the right people for the right job, provide personalized training for individuals and enable them to enhance their sales skills so they may succeed quickly.

We focus on helping people nurture their strengths and talents, while gaining control of their weaknesses. To put it simply, we prepare marketing and sales professionals to use their potential to the maximum for their professional growth and also the company’s growth.

We Help You Find the Right Person

Scouring recruitment portals and finding that perfect sales team for your company can be a daunting task, not to mention time consuming.

Reduce the amount of time and money spent on hiring the perfect person to be on your sales and marketing team with the help of WIN Sales & Marketing Programs’ New Recruit Academy.

Our academy aims to deliver the perfect employees for your company, so that no time or effort is wasted by your in-house team in training them. We also offer customized new recruit training programs to meet the unique needs of your company, so that your employees are fully equipped to embrace your company’s culture and vision.

The Right Person in the Right Job

WIN Sales & Marketing Programs New Recruit Academy offers organizations a sales training platform to grow their salespeople in an exciting way. Join us today to develop your employees and to develop a sustainable sales force.

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