This module's index includes:

1. Introduction: Measuring Team Effectiveness

2. The Purpose of a Team

3. Tools and Techniques

4. Components for Success

5. Stages of Team Development

6. Reasons Behind Teams' Failure

7. Case study

Additional Details: 

1- Length: 2 Weeks

2- Effort: 6–8 hours per week

3- Study method: Self-paced on your time 

4- Duration: approximately 14 Hours

5- Coaching sessions with a Leadership expert (optional) : attend 2 sessions with a coach

6- Material covered: 6 videos, 5 podcasts, 3 exercises

7- Entry Requirements: No entry requirements

The objective of this module is to provide you with the skills to create or develop efficient teams and therefore maximize the output and the synergies that emanate from a successful team

Language: English 

  • As a manager you will learn:
    • The purpose and benefits of synergy
    • What influences the success of a team
    • How to build cohesion and manage tensions within a team
    • How to monitor signs of potential team failure
    • How to maximize your team's output

Who should attend: Senior Managers, Managers, Middle-Managers, Supervisors, and Future Managers from all departments