This module's index includes:

1. Introduction

2. Leadership:  What is Change 

3. Leadership: Adaptability, Flexibility, Agility 

4. Leadership: Components of Change, Assessing a Company's Readiness for Change 

5. Leadership: Implementing Change 

6. Leadership: Resistance to Change

7. How to prepare your communication before Change

8. Checklist to use before and during Change

Additional Details: 

1- Length: 3 Weeks

2- Effort: 6–8 hours per week

3- Study method: Self-paced on your time 

4- Duration: approximately 20 Hours

5- Coaching sessions with a Leadership expert (optional) : attend 2 sessions with a coach

6- Material covered: 10 videos, 5 podcasts, 3 exercises, 4 handouts

7- Entry Requirements: No entry requirements

The objectives of this module are to prepare you for change which is now a regular component of our daily work, and to learn how to adapt to the various types of change that may happen in the working environment

Language: English

  • As a manager you will learn to :
    • Understand what is change and what are its components
    • How to deal with resistance to change
    • Assess whether you and your company are ready for change 
    • How to implement change through adaptability, flexibility, and agility
    • Adapt your communication to the change for maximum impact

Who should attend: Senior Managers, Managers, Middle-Managers, Supervisors, and Future Managers from all departments