This module's index includes:

1. Introduction to Communication and the organization's communication process

2. Types of Media

3. Rules of the Spoken Word: the keys to effective listening and the power of questions

4. Non Verbal Body Language

5. Communication Styles

6. Rules of Communication and dealing with special cases

7. The Importance of Personality in Communication

Additional Details: 

1- Length: 3 Weeks

2- Effort: 6–8 hours per week

3- Study method: Self-paced on your time 

4- Duration: approximately 20 Hours

5- Coaching sessions with a Leadership expert (optional) : attend 2 sessions with a coach

6- Material covered: 11 videos, 8 podcasts, 3 exercises, 2 handouts

7- Entry Requirements: No entry requirements

This module's objectives are to enhance your communication skills and allow you to select the most adequate communication tools for optimal impact 

Language: English

  • As a manager you will learn to :
    • Communicate for a purpose, based on the real requirements
    • Communicate for trust and establish clarity and engagement between you, your team, and senior management
    • Prepare your technique on how to direct, clarify and address people in certain ways, after understanding their personality profile
    • Seize the power that communication grants and adapt it to different people, to create further understanding and trust 

Who should attend: Senior Managers, Managers, Middle-Managers, Supervisors, and Future Managers from all departments