Topic outline

  • General

  • Introduction

    WIN Sales & Marketing Programs provides the tools to select, develop, grow and expand the sales force for a profitable and sustainable business growth. We are Sales Performance Experts and through our unique expertise, we can identify, develop and train talents, implement a coherent sales structure that can generate money to your organization.  We’ve taken on some very unique and challenging clients, from start-ups to 5th generation; from small businesses to the Fortune 500, from professional service firms to non-profit. 

  • Consultative Sales Introduction

    ACQUIRE the selling skills required to meet today’s challenges.  DISCOVER the latest methodology in Consultative Selling.  LEARN to use the 4 bases for mapping your sales process.  CAPITALIZE on your personal strengths to boost your sales.  MANAGE your time to shorten your sales cycle.  

    Be able to hold your margins through selling with the value proposition technique • Acquire professional selling expertise through interpersonal, negotiating and closing skills • Optimize your pipeline portfolio • Produce tangible income through boosting your sales • Drive your sales skills up the professional ladder.

    The objective of this module is to introduce you to consultative selling.  Contained in the video we focus on:

    • Encouraging sales people to stop making excuses when they don't achieve their targets
    • Focus totally on how sales people bring results
    • Begin the process of all sales employees speaking the same consultative selling language
    • Analysis the steps of the sales cycle to close in a shorter time

  • Take the test: Consultative Sales Introduction

    Multiple choice questionnaire based on the methodology video.  Before moving on to the next module your pass mark must be 80% or over.  

  • Assignment: Consultative Selling

    Please complete the assignment before your next coaching session.  The purpose of the assignment is to take the methodology learned and test recap results and implement directly into your daily job.  Based on your feedback, we will coach you during the weekly session on any points that challenged you.