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12 weeks of training
Entirely online

Dedicated Coach
Videos & Assignments
On Weekly Basis


Flexible Hours
Powerful Content
Live Conversations

Secure sales growth, guaranteed benefits
  • 1.Secure the effectiveness of your investment in people
  • 2.Increase salesforce ability in client acquisition and retention
  • 3.Structure your selling approach, increase results
  • 4.Embrace the latest selling tools, implement on the job
  • 5.Align company strategy with your salesforce
  • 6.Improve sales by coaching on difficulties and challenges
  • 7.Eliminate negative behaviour or sales hot spots in your salesforce
  • 8.Capture laggards for intensive training and coaching
  • 9.Rely on proactive industry-related experts at your finger tips
  • 10.No stress, swift support to fit your daily schedule
  • 11.Dedicated senior trainer and coach
  • 12.Support offline and on-line
Corporate Testimonials
Throughout my experience as HR Manager, I dealt with different prominent training providers. However, Win stands out of the crowd as they provide sales programs that are really tailored to the need of the business and individuals
I want to thank you for the good impact the assessment, training and coaching program has had on the performance of our sales team. I thank you again and looking forward for more cooperation.
Thank you for the 3 days training with us. It is simply one of the best effective sales training I attended so far…! The practical part was so helpful and adapted to our market and targeted customers! As agreed, I will make sure to apply all the post training plan with every team leader. Thank you again and looking forward for a future collaboration
Managing Director @kettaneh Pharma
Why WIN Sales and Marketting Programs?
  • Proven track record of achieving results
  • Endorsed by prestigious Sales Organizations
  • Reduce your cost of sales
  • Accelerate your growth
  • Senior Trainers and Coaches
  • Reverse flat or declining sales
    We help our clients make more money
    Our senior experts will identify the sales team real issues and provide a sound solution for your organization.
    frequent asked a question
    • 1. Why WIN Sales & Marketing Programs?
      We are very cost effective; we customize to your industry and make it relevant to your people,so they apply the solutions directly to the market place.
    • 2. How can I measure my return on investment?
      We deliver quantified reports per person that monitor the employee’s behavior vs results
    • 3. How do I know the training and coaching are impacting the bottom line?
      During our coaching we ensure that each interaction with the sales people follows a structured approach resulting in no lost opportunities, maximizing the sales basket value
    • 4. Can you customize training to suit my business?
      We always customize because every business is different, every business has different goals and objectives
    • 5. How do you measure the performance levels during the 12-week period of training and coaching?
      We ask the employees to take assessments before and after the training and compare the fluctuation in their performance from one coaching session to another. We make sure we eliminate their weaknesses and build on their strengths. 60% of our sessions are about practical interaction
    • 6. How much will it cost me?
      It will cost you 50% less than any sales performance provider that applies international standards. Get your estimated investment based on the number of people you want to involve
    • 7. Can I cancel anytime?
      Once the program is up and running we believe it is better to continue until the end, to see tangible results. You can cancel at any point during the 12-week program.